Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Moments with Benji

Ok, I have a confession, well actually, I have a few confessions.

First of all, I am completely enamored with Benji Schwimmer ever since I saw him win the Season 2 Finale of So You Think You Can Dance, which is simply the best reality competition on television, including my beloved American Idol. Secondly, sometimes I spend more time on my space than I'd like. Thirdly, I think I'm a closet triple threat.

Ok, maybe not so much that last one.

So one day, I'm bored, I'm looking through my space, as ya do. I find Benji's page. I find myself asking to be added as a friend, he friends me. I then find myself not so secretly putting him #4 on my friends list, le sigh. The next day, as I'm reading about his love of the dance, the book Clifford the Big Red Dog, and his church, I find myself directed to his blog. I begin reading. I immediately feel guilty, saying to myself things like, "Stine, you know that if Jose knew, he would not let you live it down"AND, "you know Ly will just look at you, smile that sly Cheshire Cat smile and do the I'm-glad-she's-a-goofy-chick-has-sex-like-a-linebacker-cuz-she's-a-friggin-geek look." I read on.

You see, Benji is a Mormon. When I found this out as I watched him run away with last season, I felt a latent kinship to him. I felt as though he were "my people". Even though I am now a Nichiren Buddhist, there is a part of me that will always consider people in the LDS church, "my people". But back to Benji. I read through a post on his blog called "Human, part 1" in which he rallys support for his sister, Lacey, who is currently in the running to win the Season 3 finale of SYTYCD. In this post, he also rails against onliners who have thrown insults at him and his family because of "supposed" favoritism of Lacey due to his Season 2 win. And as if to cement the idea of how much he and I have in common, I read this referencing one of his likes, "adding sauce to every description of something really good or bad like "that's lame....SAUCE" or " totally coolsauce!" The boy loves SAUCE! I LOVE sauce! Can you believe it? Jesus! Ok wait a minute, he comes later.

See, Mormons like sauce; ketchup and mayo mixed together, honey mustard dressing, jello and whipped cream, gravy. If it's runny and creamy, we LOVE it! I love it! I must have sauce on pretty much everything. But I digress.

I then start to read Benji's blog entry "Human, part 2 (change and growth)". Awe, check out the title. Seriously man, the dude is working on his shit. I think it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard as I read on. He starts off typing the lyrics of Run to You-lyrics on www.metrolyrics.com. Now I don't know if that means "metrosexual" or not, but again I digress. He then types
these phrases:

"wow benji...you look different"
"im very disappointed in you" "you're changing"
"we used to really love you"
"hollywood, and the world have gotten to you"
"bring back the old benji"
"it's sad to see you're giving in"

The Mormons, and hard core religious folks are TOTALLY giving him shit, talking about how he's sold out, he's given in to they ways of the world. He's gotten shit about wearing "fake" earrings, about dying his hair blonde, having 5 o'clock shadow, and not behaving in an appropriate manner befitting someone who is supposed to be an example to children.

I then think, ok, these are all BIG generalized societal indicators that Benji may be of a more liquid sexuality than some of his critics, but leave the poor kid alone. His hips can shake mountains around you. Benji went on a Mormon mission, talked in his blog about loving his Saviour, wanting to set a good example for kids today, has a charity that HE started to take dance to children around the world. I mean seriously people, what else does this guy have to do to get the gold Celestial star?

Apparently others accused him of looking strung out and drugged up. I wonder if they know what sadists dancers are regarding their schedules and bodies. He toured the country, did classes in China, taught in Norway, and did the talk-show circuit. The boy probably had jet-lag. And ya know, if they think Benji looks strung out and drugged up, they obviously haven't met any 20-something actors.

I felt myself wanting to bundle him up in a soft down blankee, bolster that beautiful body that can move like the wind, and sing him a lullaby.

Instead, I posted a comment on his blog. Yes, I even ranked and gave the full 2 kudos to his post. I told him that the Saviour had blessed him with CRAZY talent, and that he is fulfilling his destiny. I am hooked. I feel like his presence, if only virtual, completes me.

I don't care if my boy is Mormon, gay, blonde, brunette, pierced, tattooed, or what, he can slide 10 feet across a dance floor in one move. He can pirouette to make my soul sing, he can swing his partner, around, and around, and around. And he is sharing that talent with the world and can move like no one can. I love me my Benji, and I have finally decided, I don't care who knows it.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Leos

Happy Birthday to Missuz J today. And the happiest of birthday to my only younger sister who does not have a blog, yet - Missuz A in HI.

My world is flush with lions. I know Sophie's birthday is in August, as is daddy's. My friend in Oregon's birthday is coming up soon. My sister of chaos has a birthday the end of this month, as do her children. Ly's brother is a lion, as I think one of his children is.

And my rising sign in Leo. So many lions, so little time. So give a little roar to the favorite lion in your life.