Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's it with me and burning?

So I am one who has allergies, sinus issues, and a stuffy nose a fair amount of the time. I used to be addicted to those over the counter nose sprays until my wise allergist weened me off of them recently. I have replaced them with an inhaled antihistamine, and a small tin of a really good respiratory salve containing menthol, peppermint, camphor, fir, lavender and some other essential oils that are great for breathing. In addition I have started using a netty pot twice a day and it has changed my life for the better.

Thing is, I also have a tin of a muscle rubbing salve from the same company. This salve contains a few more essential oils such as: capsicum(i.e. chile pepper), ginger (so very hot), cinnamon (spicy), and Menthol CRYSTALS (a notch above menthol oil). It also comes with a warning that it should be used for external use only.

Next to my side of the bed I have a little basket of things for Stine such as earplugs(don't sleep without them thank you little sisters A & W circa 1989), nose sprays, salves, valerian root tincture, a book, candle, lip goo, etc.

Well, last night I had rubbed some muscle salve on my poor aching neck, and put it in my little Stine basket of love right next to the respiratory goo - you see where this is going? A few times during the night if I can't breathe or my nose is stuffed up I rub a bit of the respiratory goo under/in/around my nose and it helps immensely. Well around 5:30 am this morning in a sleep haze I reach over to rub some "breathing" goo around my nose. It takes only 1 minute for my nasal passages to start burning with a fierceness I have never known. I had glurped up a big wad of muscle goo and smeared it generously under/in/around my nose. My brain started burning. I went into the bathroom, blew my nose, tried to wipe out what I could, but the burning only gets more intense as it penetrates the "muscles", or in this case the very permeable mucous membranes of my nasal passages. It probably would have stung less if I had actually shoved a chile pepper up my nose.

I really need to stop burning myself. Seriously.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pretty Purple World

I would just like to thank

my lovely little sis Rookie,and


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Some people are crafty.