Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello World

I finished a big long post last week, and blogger ate it. But I figured I'd recreate a bit of it, plus add some new things. I've been a bit blogger shy since mailing out a link to my last post to a bunch of people including family, and getting various reactions from family members. Most loved the post. A small percentage loved the post, but had a few problems with my blogger profile page. More specifically, they had a problem with some of my listed interests. There are more details, but they are immaterial really. My interests are a part of me, and they will either read my blog, or they won’t. And that is all she wrote.

So, my question, for the last few weeks has been: Who took the rule out of the drivers handbook about 4 way stops and multiple people get there at the same time? The person on the right goes? Yes? Anyone? Anyone?

And who, told at least 3/4 of the driving population that they should not under any circumstances, signal before turning right or left. In fact, it is even better, if you don't even slow down much before veering into the aforementioned turn.

And someone, I don't know who, has been giving crystal meth to the blue hairs. But I've had at least two grannies in the last 2 weeks totally CUT ME OFF at the pass and barely missed nicking my car while vying for a parking spot at the damn grocery store. I mean shitballs these bitches were hard core.

People have been INSANE on the roads the past two weeks. And yes, I'm SURE there's a small window for projection, but seriously folks, what gives?

Ok, now that's out. Whew, feel better.

I started my cranial sacral certification. And it is gud...it is so gu...ud! Most loving it. Of course it totally is showing me how much there is to learn. I could learn this stuff for the rest of my life, and still only barely begin to have a clue. The class, and I've only had 1 module(there are 9 more), has given words to things I've already felt in the body, and with the words, it's more easy to perceive those things.

Except there is one thing I'd love to talk about, it's the idea of creating fulcrums. As a practitioner, you ground yourself by visualizing your breath/energy/whatever going into the ground below your sacrum. Then, you visualize a line of breath/energy/whatever coming out of the back of your head, just below your occiput(or the little bump on the back of your head). This energy extends out behind you at a 45 degree angle, and anchors you into the ground behind you.

I have found this later fulcrum to be very valuable in my work the past week. You can also imagine your attention moving backwards, away from the client, as you do this. You and the client negotiate an "attention space" that feels comfortable to you both. It adds a whole new level of softness and depth to the moments you remember to do it. It's an interesting exercise to actually try and be aware of, and feel your back body. It has made me realize how much I'm always pushing forward, trying to get to the next moment, instead of chilling, taking a damn breath, and letting it come to me.

Funny me bitching about drivers, n'est-ce-pas?

Total non sequitur, for you parents out there, I'm curious how many of you employ behaviorism in raising your children? If you do use behaviorism, I'd be curious to hear how you use it, at what times, with what results. I'm interested what kinds of disciplinary measures you use, and what kinds of results you see.

For the non-parents, as I am VERY interested in your feedback as well (and am really tired of having my opinion discounted in all things child related because I am a non-parent), do any of you have nieces nephews? What about children you babysit? Do any of you employ behaviorism with these children, and if so, to what success, or failure? What about if the child has a serious medical condition? Would that change any answers to the above questions?

More to come.