Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Precious...

There's now one of these parked outside my apartment with papers inside that say it's mine.

Her license # contained "tbo" in honor of "The Beige One".

However, Ly and I are trying to come up with other names, please feel free to give more ideas:

the blue one
the blue oracle
the buddhist one
the blue ohm

(and now so I can stop sounding like a really lame guy trying to name his penis...)

I must go do my billing so we can pay for all of it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

And then came Vagittarians

What's a Vagittarian you may ask? Well, it's one of 3 Sagittarian women born on December 11th. When I became a part of Open Circle Theater company, WAY back in the day, 2 other women were in the company that shared my birthday. Up until that point, I had never met anyone who shared my birthday, and now, I seem to know, like 20 people. As to why we chose the word "Vagittarians", well, anyone who knows me won't have any questions, those who don't, it's not hard to do the math. Anyway, we kind of formed a Charlie's Angels meets a white girls Destiny's Child sort of thing - but in a cool Seattle fringe theater'y sort of way(if that's possible). We started having big parties every year on our birthday. Highlights of these parties over the years included: my husband doing a strip tease in a crowded bar(on more than one occasion), me ending up literally under the table passed out drunk(at same bar only a different year - I think), and while planning our party one year, drinking, smoking, and later having such a hallucinatory time(with help, of course), that I ate bark, almost burned my hair off, tried to go outside naked multiple times, nurse on my friend(yes, I said nurse), and peed in the street. That was a memorable one.

Thank God those days are gone. We're much older, and a lot more tired. So this year, we are getting together at the Owl and Thistle Monday night, December 11th, at 9pm. So if you're reading this and are so inclined, please feel free to stop on by.

Friday, December 01, 2006


I figured instead of trying to recreate the last month, I'd just update based on whatever little thing comes into my head. It's been a veritable snow storm in my head lately. But thanks to a week in Albuquerque, some vigorous chanting since being back home, stepping up the work-outs, the storm in my head has mellowed, a bit.

Thanksgiving in Albuquerque was delightful. It was hard work, and I think Mandy, Ly and I did a good job of bringing everything together. Highlights from the trip include walking into the living room to see 7 year Madeline reading my copy of the sexiest man alive People. I asked her what she was reading about, and she told me she was reading about Lipitor(being very careful to sound it out as she read it), some new holiday film fair, and sexy men. Goes to show you never know what the children are picking up. Little Zach and I had a good time tearing bread for stuffing. We would tear the bread, look at each other, make bombing noises as we launched our bread piece into the big bowl in the middle of the table, and then giggle sinisterly like 4 year olds. Well, he IS 4, but I do a really good impression of a 4 year old.

Other kids highlights included watching Lyam and Zach play like boys in the back yard. Apparently they created two thrones out of some plastic backyard chairs, and it was Zach's idea to throw the slaves into the pit below. The two kings threw the imaginary slaves into the pit, and then came more evil giggling (Zach likes his evil giggling).

Had some great yoga classes while in NM. Learned a few things about grounding my femurs. Who knew? It's actually helped a lot in my massage. I need to get back into a class, but I want a class that isn't free flow yoga, and is more of, here is a pose, here's how to do it correctly, now go. I must purchase some yoga sandbags however, these things are one of the best inventions I've ever found. Gave a few massages while there. One of Lyam's, Mandy's and my friends from college also lives in Albuquerque, and he just finished (or is finishing) a massage therapy program. So we did an exchange, and it was delightful. Dude worked me over. I gave Mandy and the hubby massages, and tried to convince said hubby of the importance of getting massage for high-up corporate types who deal with a lot of stress.

We also had some really cool chanting sessions with Mandy. One chanting session included the kids. It was really amazing to see how they took to it. As Mandy put it, they were both really "nonplussed" by the chanting. And little miss "I'm 7 going on 40" took Mandy's chanting book from her and began trying to read and say the Sanskrit right along with us - and did a good job to boot.

Thanksgiving was lovely. Lyam, Mandy and I worked much of the day to get things prepared. I have before and after pics of our turkey, but haven't figured how to get them off my phone yet. Ly and I made our homemade Irish creme, and we had most of it polished off by the evening. Mandy made 3 pies which were all delicious, but the cherry was killer. You can't go wrong with crust and fruity filling in my opinion. I was in charge of the bean casserole, and apparently using real beans was a new experience for many. Most Mormons I've come in contact with use canned beans. Thanksgiving is definitely more creamy and "canny" in Mormon circles. Speaking of creamy, I did the gravy (as it should be if I do say so myself). I love to make sauce man, I love stirring rue and adding spices. And yah know, corn starch can kiss my ass, the only way to do gravy in my opinion, is to do it with milk.

We left on Saturday and got home that night. Apparently it started to snow once we left NM. And the next day, it was a blizzard here in Seattle. We had a coupla good snow storms here which is quite unusual, especially in November.

In other news, Ly and I were approved for a car loan. I think we are going to wait until right before Christmas to get it, just to make sure those car dealers are ready and hopping to get rid of those things before the new year. I've narrowed the car down to a 2003 or 2004 Subaru Forester. Now it's just a matter of finding the right one. So I never knew that when you get a loan through your credit card agency, they approve you for a set amount, and then they send you a blank check. It really shouldn't be that easy, but there you have it. So by January folks, the Whites will no longer be carless (thank the Gods!).

I don't know if I mentioned that I am starting Alexander Technique lessons. I had one lesson before we left for New Mexico, but on Monday I start a 10 session series. I can not WAIT! My voice and my neck will be very happy.

I know there was more to say, but it's gone for now. I don't have a really clever way of ending this post, so goodbye, and happy December. I love December, and not just because it is the month in which I was born, but because it's just really friggin cozy.