Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stream of consciousness post

So I just came home from the Kingfish Cafe here on 19th Avenue East. For our 10th anniversary, we got a $50 gift certificate. For those of you who do not know what the Kingfish is, please see here: They don't have a website

I was gonna order the bbq ribs, but they were SO outta them? I'm like shit, I really wanted pig, but reluctantly keep looking. Ly hones right in on the ribeye steak with grilled portabello mushrooms on it. The waitress comes, we start the order, and then the waitress apologizes and says they are out of the ribs. Well fuck it I say. I finally decide on the very dainty crabcakes meal. In the meantime, we entertain ourselves by ordering a mint julep for Ly, and a mojito for me. Ly's drink tasted like butter. Seriously, that fantastic white toasty foam that sometimes gets on the top of the butter - that's what his drink tasted like. He took three sips and was t.o.a.s.t. I wasn't fairing much better with the marathon mojito in a jar. But damn it was tasty. I coulda drank that shit all night.

Dinner comes, and it's delightful. Ly's stake made my nipples turn to Worchestershire sauce upon tasting. Yum! There was uninterrupted silence for about 10 minutes straight while we devoured our meals. We traded bites every three or four bites, as ya do.

We both ended up pretty silly from just one drink (damn we are cheap dates). So to sober up, we ordered two B&Bs and one order of strawberry shortcake. I'm already tipsy at this point, and the waitress says, "did you want those as a shot, or do you want the beautiful?" I'm like, what? I told the waitress I had no idea what beautiful meant, but I held my hand up like I was grasping a very delicate brandy glass, and the swished it around in a circle. She looked at me like the big fucking white girl I am, and said, "you want it beautiful". To which I replied, "honey, I always want it beautiful..." She laughed at us both, and went to get our drinks. Then the shortcake comes, and it's the size of my microwave back home. I mean this was 2 damn pounds of southern-goodness-shortbread-biscuit-mother fucking shortcake. After about 4 bites of that, my brandy, I start to get really talky. You know how Lyam, JJ, Beige, and Rob get "thinky"? Well I was getting "talky". So we paid the check and left.

We came home from dinner, and Celebrity Duets was on and we totally saw Lucy Lawless do a duet with Smokey Robinson of "OOO Baby..." (that's as much as I know the title), and guess who just got done - Friggin Randy Travis and Cheech! Cheech singing "Diggin' up bones". What is up WITH THAT? Weird. Please know I've never watched this show before. We just turned it on to be background noise while we got shit done for tomorrow i.e. dishes, doing a load of sheets (when am I NOT?), entering checks into a spreadsheet etc. Anyway, funny, yeah?

Ok, that was all really. There might be more in there somewhere. Wait, Cheech, Lea Thompson, Lucy Lawlass all got into the next round on Celebrity Duets. Fuck I love reality TV.

So I'm in here typing this post here, and I come across this headline: Is Travolta a pansy?What the fuck? Is the world really that concerned? And fer crisssakes, couldn't it just be a friend? A friendly little peck to say, "thank you for shuttling me around in one of my million dollar jets..."

Do we have NOTHING better to contemplate? I just read an article in the latest GQ - with Clive Owen on the cover thank. you. very. much. It was an article about the guy who turned in the pictures from Abu Ghirab prison. Man, his life must be hell. How would it feel to have that many people hate you? Because that's what he said happened. He hasn't been able to go home again. His wife was acosted, his family turned against him. That's some balls people.

And...I'm out.


Monday, August 28, 2006

The 3 Truths

I've been thinking a lot about



Friday, August 18, 2006

10th Anniversary

So we escaped to Port Townsend last Wednesday. It's always so powerful having a car in one's possession, when one does not own a car. Ly and I splurged and went up one size in car this time. We bought our requisite new orange juice flavored Rock Stars, and were on our way. After a few navigating mishaps around Edmonds (who did the grids for that city anyway?), we got on the Ferry and made it to the hotel in Port Townsend. The cool picture of the hotel is on our other camera that we've yet to fill. We stayed at the Swan, and the picture is of Ly perched atop the block in front of the hotel sign being his usual fowl'y self.

Here is the room we stayed in:

and from the other way:
who's that cutie on the bed?

So verdict, LOVE Port Townsend. I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to get out of town. What a great city. It's just big enough, artsy, on the water, has lots of kitch shops, good food, and plenty of beaches - plus a marine petting zoo to boot.

So Ly and I zone out on cable our first night there. And let me tell you, watching cable is like crack to those not partaking of cable at home. So we zoned out on beer, happy, and the jucuzzi tub.

Next thing we new, it was morning:
Ly got toasty, and yes I didn't post the picture I knew you wouldn't want people to see

Because you see, I am a nice girl.

We had some breakfast and around 1'ish went to the Marine Science Center. And here are some pictures from that venture:

Ly & the Starfish
Stine recognizes something familiar

here are the weirdest creatures in the world:
Sea Cucumbers

and I touched one:

after having really gross nachos and chicken strips at the beach food place we walked along the beach:
Double Awe

you could really tell we were in love:
Even though I look like Howard Stern just got a haircut

I even made a little heart sandlecastle with which to display my love:

and then made him take a picture of me in it so we could be even:
so nice

We then came back to the hotel, got ready and went to a lovely dinner at Fins. I had King Crab Legs, and the RULED! But the final verdict, to much work for so little yield. Ly's fishy sauce was tasty, and we accompanied the dinner with a few Ruby Red Mojitos. We then came home, proceeded to get very silly on some good champagne, took a lovely jet soak in tub that fit us both filled with epsom salts, bubblebath, and more champagne. Then it was time for the sex, again.

We woke up early the next morning, watched an X-Files marathon, and took a leisurely drive home.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

That Mo Can Dance

My little Benji won.

I cried.

I love him

Anniversary pictures forthcoming.

Happy Birthday JJ

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Buh Bye

As I sit here looking at my husband's cute-as-hell naked ass as he makes the bed, I can't help but be excited as we leave for the anniversary vaca. It went and got all rainy though. So we may not be doing as much swimming and lounging at the beach as we'd hoped, but hey, if all there is to do is watch cable, get happy, soak in the jacuzzi, and have sex - I'd be ok with that.

Ok, must go, Ly is voguing on the bed showing me his plump round firmness.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A veritable Battlestar

Thank you Beige and B for getting me hooked on this crack. We just watched the final episode of season 1, and oh. my. god.

PS - Starbuck is H.O.T.

If one more person cancels on me with less than 24 hours notice, be it for a massage, or working for me at home, or to chat, or whatever, I'm gonna to lose it. It's just inconsiderate. I don't understand why people can't communicate. I'm like, be sick, take a mental health day, do whatever the fuck you need to do, but LET ME KNOW FOR CHRIST'S sake. It's not hard to pick up a phone and communicate. Why can't people do what they say they are going to do? I'm done.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that IS my martyr complex you are stepping on.

Happy Birthday Sis!