Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wine/Beer Thursdays

I must kiss whoever instigated this idea. It used to be Fridays, but more people are here on Thursdays and so it was changed. There was also an idea to make a weed Wednesday, but that got shot down - DAMN! I guess one can't have everything now can one?

Just had a massage/fascial session with LC. This woman is my mentor. She pretty much reached the muscles of my throat through my armpit. How many of you have tried that lately? I'm sitting here listening to my favorite Bloc Party song, tipsy after 3 glasses of wine, working on my database and life is good. I do like it here at school. I love the people, it's just time for me to move on. Dr. E just called and asked me if I'd heard from American Whole Health. I told her no, but that I would contact them on the 1st (90 days from when they received my application). She says she has about 5 patients that are all waiting and chomping at the bit for me to get certified with AWHN. Gah! Can't wait. Gah!

So I have finally accepted the fact that I am, indeed getting older. My triceps are swinging dangerously low these days. The booty is still firm, but damn, this girl got back. I will be 5'2" and 105 pounds in my next life. K? God, Buddha, whoever the fuck you are, hook me UP!

I made it work right

My other blog can kiss my ass. I finally made it work right. Yay!

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